Hand painted shoes

I paint custom made hand painted shoes in popular themes.
My Hunger Games and Walking Dead shoes have been my biggest sellers. Examples can be seen here…https://m.facebook.com/theguildedkitty. I can custom make any designs or theme. I have designed shoes for bands, popular cult themes, celebrities, and children’s books and movies. Harry Potter, Dr Who, the Hobbit, Hello Kitty, Justin Beiber, Norman Reedus (Daryl from the Walking Dead) and Duck dynasty, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad are a few I have sold. If you are looking for that one of a kind gift that they will squeal with delight over, email me katmidkiff@comcast. Net. I charge $100 plus us priority shipping rates via pay pal. Name brand shoes like Vans, Toms and converse are $140.00. I promise to give you the best product I can possibly do. I had all excellent feed back at my etsy shop. My shop was shut down due to numerous infringement warnings, which took the product off my site immediately. I followed their rules but my site was pulled. You can still search and get thousands of items similar to mine. They haven’t been shut down…yet. When I get my email’s out bound to work, I will message some of the companies that complained and find out how to get permission to paint their images. This happened at a time my husband was hospitalized for a
long time and I did not have the time or will to pursue it. With Christmas coming up I know I can offer something most others cant do for that special person. Again, my site is https://m.facebook.com/theguildedkitty for some of my work. I hope we can do some business!https://m.facebook.com/theguildedkittyIMG_0397.JPG